Healthy Army Communities:
Abbreviated Corporate Identity Resources

We offer the following resources for your convenience. It is key to your organization’s professionalism to keep colors, type, and graphical elements consistent in their appearance and use. Below you will find your corporate colors, typefaces, and some of your most frequently used graphic files.

All files below can be saved to your local machine by a right-clicking it and choosing Save Image As (or your browser’s equivalent option) from the resulting menu options. All logos files are at 600px wide transparent PNGs. If you require the files in a different size, format, or coloration, email  Thomas McAuley at Be sure to include a detailed request, the file(s) end use, and the turn-around time needed and we will create and deliver them to you as quickly as possible.

Corporate Color

Logo colors are boxed together at the left, the various solid and gradation greens for the main type and the logo mark’s leaf; the upper left dark color for “Communities”; the brown used for the logo mark’s stem; and the remaining grays and white used in the logo’s alternative color applications.

The grays at the right are used for utility purposes, like web type and backgrounds.

The full families of green, blue, gold, and red are used throughout social media segments, such as in the segment icons at the bottom of this page.

HAC: Corporate Colors

Corporate Typefaces

Type sizes for all usage instances are not included here.

HAC: Corporate Typefaces

Corporate Logos

Preferred Logo: Full color

HAC: Corporate Logo: full color

Alternate color versions


HAC: Corporate Logo: grayscale

1-Color: Black

HAC: Corporate Logo: 1-color, black

1-color: White

HAC: Corporate Logo: 1-color, white

Related Files

The HAC acronym file is used primarily in social media applications. The logo with the program banner treatment will likely need to be requested on a case-by-case basis. As above, contact with the program name, associated segment (Nutrition 1 or 2, Sleep, or Activity) if applicable, and your need date.

Acronym logo

HAC: Acronym logo

Corporate logo with program banner

HAC: Corporate Logo with program banner treatment

Social Media Graphics

Segment Icons

Nutrition 1

HAC: Segment Icon: Nutrition 1


HAC: Segment Icon: Sleep

Nutrition 1

HAC: Segment Icon: Activity

Nutrition 2

HAC: Segment Icon: Nutrition 2