Your company’s help desk is a crucial component of business processes. Customers shouldn’t have to wait on the phone for answers to their queries or issues. Outsourcing your help desk with a professional management service can enhance customer satisfaction.

Employees rely on the help desk when they have technical issues with their machines or an online ordering system. The desks’ functions enable companies to automate processes and reduce manual interaction, breaking down silos and creating seamless integrations with systems.

Poor or slow support from the help desk can be devastating for your business. For example, something seemingly simple like Wi-Fi downtime can mean a full day of financial losses. Repeated instances can cause the loss of customers and subsequent detriment to the business.

An expertly managed help desk goes a long way in preventing these issues from arising, so many companies are now partnering with managed service providers to outsource their help desk functions.

Reasons for Outsourcing Your Help Desk Functions

Outsourcing your help desk to a reputable managed service provider delivers unparalleled access to the expertise, tools, and resources necessary to transform ineffective help desks. The right outsourcing partner can resolve 80% of user issues by providing proactive support. Your company stands to gain these benefits in the long run:

1. High-Quality Technical Support to Every End-User

Outsourced help desk service providers have deep experience in defining, developing, and maintaining help desk procedures. They quickly resolve issues that hinder internal teams from delivering consistent performance.

Help desk partners drive productivity and end-user satisfaction through solutions that include:

  • Remote access support
  • A service catalog with clearly defined support levels mapped to specific business needs
  • Flexible user interfaces to enable end-users to access support via multiple channels
  • Asset and configuration management databases
  • Predictive analysis for demand forecasting

2. Peace of Mind

When you partner with a managed service provider, you never have to worry about what may go wrong with your IT systems. The partnership takes your mind off technical issues and then leaves you room to concentrate on other crucial business aspects.

You’re assured of round-the-clock support, whether or not your internal IT staff is at work. Besides, your employees can focus on essential operations, income-generating ideas, and strategy.

3. Reduced Costs

Having a self-support help desk comes with higher costs and maintenance. You must buy all the telephone systems and computer equipment, but that doesn’t come cheap. Outsourcing significantly reduces the costs and saves you money for other crucial business operations. Besides, your HR team doesn’t have to track employee performance as the outsourced team automates everything.

4. Enhanced Response Time

An outsourcing team has the qualifications and expertise to meet peculiar service levels for ticket resolution. The contract entails a Service Level Agreement that outlines the response times.

It goes a long way in keeping customers and other end-users satisfied to avoid penalties by addressing their issues on time. There’s also a high possibility of long-term co-operation between your business and the service provider with such practices.

Final Thoughts on Outsourcing Your Help Desk

In the post-COVID era, help desk outsourcing helps your business run smoothly. Technology is an integral part of the success of a business. A well-run help desk is no longer a “nice to have” but a necessity among companies already outsourcing their service desks. A staggering 95% of businesses with outsourced help desks plan to increase or maintain their level of service.

At Webhead, hosting a help desk is not the only solution we offer to manage your technology fully. Webhead also combines service desk services with technology solutions, security, and strategy, to give companies peace of mind and a calculated advantage in the market. If you want to learn more, then reach out to our experts and see if our help desk service is right for your business.

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