“Sí se puede” is a rallying cry that galvanized generations of American Latinos to
climb the ladders of power in industry, science, and government. Nathalie Rayes
embodies the spirit of “yes, it can be done,” and, as the nominated United States
Ambassador Extraordinary Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Croatia, she is a
worthy standard bearer to deliver that unique American message of optimism and
grit to the world.

In my capacity as Chair of the Board of CPS Energy, I have had the honor of
working closely with Nathalie and can attest to her exceptional character.
Nathalie’s story is quintessentially American – an immigrant of immense
intelligence, talent, and drive who eschews fame and fortune in favor of serving the
United States. Community, Service, and Patriotism. The qualities that define
Nathalie also make her the right choice to represent the United States abroad.
As a minority leader in the energy industry, it is gratifying to see another Latina
leader rise to the top of her field. If confirmed, Nathalie is poised to lead a critical
diplomatic mission in Croatia. Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has destabilized
energy markets around the world and made Eastern Europe the frontline for a new
era of energy warfare. Nathalie’s nomination presents a unique opportunity for the
United States and Croatia to collaborate in diversifying and hardening the Croatian
energy sector. Energy diplomacy will be an essential tool in defeating energy

In 2021, Croatia launched the Krk LNG terminal, replacing Russian gas on Croatia’s
domestic market with largely U.S. LNG. Croatia is working to double Krk’s capacity
to 6.1 billion cubic meters, which would facilitate exports throughout the Balkans
including to Slovenia, Hungary, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the support of
the United States, Croatia can be a leading clean energy exporter to the region, a
partnership that could ultimately benefit both nations.
Texas could be a resource to Croatia as it works to secure its energy economy. Our
state’s rich history in natural gas is respected around the globe, but the pioneering
work of the renewables sector in Texas could be invaluable to the Croatian energy
industry. In the face of Russian aggression, Nathalie promises to be an American
envoy in Croatia that can remind our allies in Europe that energy independence is
not a lost cause – yes, it can be done!

I wholeheartedly celebrate Nathalie Rayes’ nomination and eagerly anticipate the
Senate’s confirmation of her as the next American Ambassador to Croatia. Through
her leadership, we have an opportunity to foster a robust partnership between the
United States and Croatia, leveraging energy diplomacy to ensure a diversified and
fortified energy sector. Let us embrace this moment and reaffirm that “yes, it can
be done” when it comes to achieving energy independence and global

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