When you launched your website, you were full of enthusiasm. You dreamed of reaching new potential customers and watching your sales soar. While you did realize some of these dreams, now, you seem to constantly need website maintenance. You’ve begun to wonder if the benefits of website maintenance are worth it.

After all, your website is working. It seems fine, but your IT guys keep telling you it needs more maintenance. Before you invest your time, money, and energy, you need to learn more about the benefits of maintaining your business website. Here are a few tips:

Improve Security

In 2020, the instances of cyber attacks rose by 600%, and the average cost of a malware attack for a company is $2.4 million. If it isn’t a malware attack, it might be a data breach with similar costs along with the trust lost between you and your customer base.

Do these numbers scare you? It’s okay! With the security benefits of website maintenance, you lower your risk of exposure to all sorts of cyber crimes. This includes things such as software updates and providing you with the best available security.

The security measures on your website can also help you rank in search engine rankings. If for no other reason, improved security makes maintaining your website a priority.

Improve Search Engine Optimization Rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) rankings are essential for your company. If you rank higher than your competitors, you’re likely to find more customers and increase sales.

Of course, you already knew that, but what you probably didn’t know is that regular maintenance on your company’s website can improve your rankings. With regular maintenance, you’ll check all the boxes that SEO is looking for, from security to improved website page loading times.

Website maintenance includes things such as your content information, so it’s factual and timely. All of these things help your business score higher on the web and grow a larger customer base.

Improve Website Speed

In the modern world, customers expect websites to load almost as if by magic as soon as they click the link. However, it’s more than magic. Your business website’s speed is another one of many benefits of website maintenance.

If it takes a few seconds longer for your website to load, your client or potential customer might opt to find another company with a faster loading speed. Also, SEO rankings are improved when your website loads quickly.

Improve Customer Experience

Customers are a fickle lot. They have a lot of choices when it comes to businesses that do business on the internet. If you haven’t done it already, you need a version of your website that’s designed for use on a smartphone.

It’s essential that your website is easy to use and doesn’t have anything confusing on it. Regular maintenance ensures that your company website runs smoothly and anything difficult or confusing gets replaced quickly.

Improve Brand Awareness and Loyalty

You want your customers to choose your business even if there are others out there offering similar goods or services. Your customer base is tech-savvy, and they know when a website isn’t properly maintained.

You don’t want your company brand to become associated with a poorly maintained website that might leave customer information vulnerable. It’s essential that you have trust between yourself and the clients. This builds loyalty, and loyal customers will help you build positive brand awareness.

Leaving your website to languish will lead to mistrust. Your customers will pass on their distrust to others, and you’ll find yourself facing negative brand awareness.

At Webhead, we understand the importance and benefits of website maintenance and your busy schedule. Contact us for more information regarding website maintenance to protect your website, improve performance, and increase your business growth!

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