Social media has grown to be a powerful tool that brands can leverage to drive meaningful traffic and establish valuable relationships with customers. Launching and growing a thriving social media community can give you a unique insight into your customer sentiment and persona. Additionally, gaining a deeper understanding of your target audience can help you build valuable relationships that set your brand apart from the crowd. 

How to Establish a Thriving Social Media Community

A social media community can take two forms. First, it could be an organized group, page, or site that your fans engage with. Alternatively, it could be an undefined but active follower base that is highly engaged with your organic website content. Many businesses have found success using formalized social media groups such as LinkedIn groups. Besides, more than 756 million people have LinkedIn accounts, and over 57 million businesses and 120,000 schools have LinkedIn accounts. It’s worth considering establishing your social media community there and directing followers from other platforms to join in. 

Here are easy-to-follow steps on how to establish a high-quality customer journey and build a nurturing social media community.

1: Identify Your Social Media Community 

First, you must understand your audience to manage and grow a successful social media community. Begin by creating a customer profile that includes your target demographic. By thoroughly understanding your audience’s persona, you can establish a solid foundation upon which you can construct influential content that will connect and resonate with the right people. It will also help you improve customer acquisition and content validity.

2: Leverage Multiple Platforms 

Being present on multiple social media platforms can significantly improve traffic and conversions. So, whether it’s building a broad following on social media or directing traffic to your website, you need to interlink as many platforms as possible to establish a stronger, more engaged community.

In fact, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow users to link their accounts to a website address in the biography. It’s an excellent way to direct legions of followers to your website’s landing page and begin converting them into customers. You may also consider promoting your less popular social media accounts on more prominent platforms. 

3: Post High-Quality Content

Brands are beginning to realize that social media communities require delicate care, beginning with high-quality content. Regardless of your industry, high-quality content is what drives customer loyalty and retention. Start by evaluating your audiences’ interests to help you create relevant and resourceful content.

But since your community members will constantly change with trends, always keep tabs on your content and successful competitors to understand what topics resonate better with your audience and those that don’t.

4: Establish a Clear Brand Voice 

People naturally prefer relatable and authentic brands. Cultivating a strong and unique brand personality is probably the most human component of your business’s online identity. Depending on your preference, you could choose to stay professional or bask in joys of humor and sarcasm, as long as you don’t go overboard and end up sharing offensive jokes. No matter the personality, just be sure to keep your brand voice consistent.

5: Consistently Boost Engagement 

Establishing a strong social media community is one thing, but maintaining and growing your audience base is a whole different ball game. You need some level of consistency to keep your audience engaged. Engagement among members of the community is often integrated into social media algorithms. Therefore, the best way to reach a wider audience and establish deeper connections is to engage with the community optimally.

Fortunately, you can use tools such as LinkedIn Live or Twitter polls to elicit responses from users. The more engagement your social media account can gather up, the more likely your content will be displayed to a higher volume audience.

The Takeaway

The social media community has a huge potential to help build brand loyalty, improve conversions and sales, and showcase your brand personality. It also encourages customers, followers, and employees to collaborate and provide feedback to help your business create healthy connections and gather insights.

If you’re able to build and grow a community around your brand or product, your offering becomes more valuable to your target audience. Are you interested in building a community around your brand? Contact Webhead and learn how we can create your business and an engaging social media community.

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