With more and more businesses embracing digital marketing strategies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to be instrumental in streamlining operations. This is because it impacts everything from communication patterns to improving accuracy. Thus, integrating website artificial intelligence in your business growth strategy is essential to understanding effective ways to expand your customer base and expand your business.

Advanced AI technology offers several benefits to businesses, including transforming websites to generate more leads and improve the customer experience. But how exactly does website artificial intelligence improve your website’s performance? Read on to find out.

What is artificial intelligence?

Most people picture AI as a self-driving car and automated robots that think and act on their own. But these are only examples; AI offers more. Artificial intelligence is defined as a wide-ranging branch of computer science that utilizes highly advanced technologies to perform tasks that require human intellect. It is an interdisciplinary science consisting of various approaches used in various industries to streamline operations.

How AI Improve Your Business Website’s Performance

Collecting data about your website’s visitors is an effective way to acquire raw data regarding your business. However, turning this data into helpful insights is often challenging, and this is where AI comes in handy. That said, below is how AI improves website performance.

Data Compliance

Companies generate tons of data from their website traffic, ranging from personal data, such as contact information, to purchase histories. Yet, most organizations fail to treat this information with the governance it requires. Integrating AI in your website enhances tracking systems, helping you to protect sensitive consumer data. Consequently, you get to build consumer trust and minimize opportunities for extensive data breaches.


Deaf and visually impaired people, including those with hearing problems, visit different websites to shop or get educated. Artificial intelligence makes it easier for your website to be more accessible to this group of people. AI uses tools such as video transcribers and captioning, and audio reading to ensure those who are deaf and visually impaired access your website easily and benefit from your content.

Personalized Recommendations

Customizing website content and product recommendations enables you to engage customers and ultimately increase sales. With 92% of online shoppers likely to interact with your products once you integrate personalized shopping carts and home page promotions, leveraging a custom business website is critical. Machine learning and website artificial intelligence technologies allow you to create personalized experiences where customers get customized offers, texts, emails, promotions, and more.

SEO Analytics

Google processes over 63,000 searches every second, translating to trillions of searches annually. If your website isn’t optimized for appropriate search queries, it will become hard to show up in organic search results. Failure to attract visitors to your business website can harm your digital marketing efforts, hence it is crucial to adopt AI-based web analytics and machine learning tools. These technologies enable you to identify website issues impacting your search ranking. Furthermore, you get real-time and valuable feedback to improve your search engine ranking.

Online Customer Service

Today, most online businesses have a live chat section where customers get swift and precise responses based on individual queries. Chatbots are AI-powered solutions that offer personalized answers through user behavior analysis to deliver real-time responses. About 75% of companies using chatbots have reported more than a 10% boost in customer satisfaction. Besides, these chatbots can leverage massive data collected by your business to improve customer interactions.

Lead Generation

A business website is an essential digital marketing tool designed to promote lead generation and capture contact information. However, it isn’t easy to convince visitors to complete an offer or provide their contact details. Website artificial intelligence can analyze your current customer base and identify trends and commonalities to adapt and optimize your website. In return, you get an optimized lead generation landing page with appropriate language use, imagery, website flow, and more.

Bottom Line

Your business success largely depends on promoting brand awareness online and improving the customer journey. AI technology and tools provide an effective way to analyze website visitors and help improve your website’s performance.

Webhead remains committed to help businesses integrate AI into their websites and grow their customer base. Contact our team of digital transformation specialists to learn more about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can improve your website’s performance.

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