Smart companies strive to adapt to changing times and embrace the evolving digital world. Adaptation means learning and implementing modern technologies to facilitate data storage, marketing, communication, and more. Among them is cloud computing designed for data management solutions.

Cloud-based computing is a relatively new business model, and most businesses consider it a backup system for data storage. However, cloud computing offers more as it enables companies to unify data and utilize all existing information to make smart business decisions.  Read on to find out why your business needs cloud-based services.

What is cloud computing?

In today’s ever-changing business climate, startups and small businesses should have reliable systems to access critical data anytime, anywhere. By definition, cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services, mainly over the internet and on a pay-as-you-go basis. It enables users to access data wherever they are using computers, tablets, or mobile phones with an internet connection.

6 Key Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud-based computing services are designed for various uses: Cloud storage, Software as a Service (SaaS), cloud hosting, and cloud backup. Because of this, the cloud offers multiple benefits to help businesses manage data and stand out from the competition. Below are 6 key benefits your business can realize from cloud-based solutions.


For businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demand, cloud-based services play a critical role in offering quick adjustments to suit unforeseen variations. This is an effective way to allow flexibility wherever your business scales up or down. Suppose your business’s needs increase; you can readily optimize your cloud capacity to fit the changes and scale the right way.

Disaster Recovery

Investing in durable disaster recovery systems is crucial for any business, regardless of size. Yet, small businesses lack adequate resources, skills, and funds. Therefore, consider disaster recovery a perfect idea once they grow and expand in later years. But with cloud computing services, all businesses can implement cloud-based backup and recovery and avoid associated risks such as data loss.


Remote working has become extremely popular around the globe to help create a healthy work-life balance. This change means employees work from home or anywhere through web-enabled devices to complete various company projects away from the office. This work from home is supported by cloud-based solutions where you and your employees can readily access business data stored in the cloud. Most businesses use cloud computing because it offers flexibility through working in your virtual office effortlessly.


With most companies working towards cutting down operational costs, allocating huge budgets on data management is often an afterthought. Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are among the cost-effective cloud services allowing businesses to save costs on IT solutions. Instead of spending on hard disks and infrastructure, you can subscribe to affordable cloud-based service packages. A subscription in the cloud helps you reduce costs on storage, management, and data retrieval, among other associated services.

Collaboration Efficiency

Cloud computing services enable your enterprise to communicate and interact more, unlike traditional business models. These services promote collaboration among employees where multiple users can share and work on a single data or file simultaneously. Cloud services are ideal for people who work in the field or travel often. Collaboration is easier thanks to secure and seamless access to company information, records, and documents relevant to specific projects.


Businesses run into losses during downtime, making it one of the most feared events in today’s business world. Even when you have an IT infrastructure in place, cases of power outages and natural disasters can affect your business operations. Cloud-based solutions guarantee flexibility because all your data is stored in the cloud. To access services on the cloud, you still need an internet-enabled device.

Get started with cloud computing today!

Cloud-based solutions offer more to your business than data storage; therefore, getting started with customized, scalable cloud solutions is crucial. Webhead offers a comprehensive set of IT services for businesses of all sizes. Contact our team to learn more about how cloud computing can improve your business operations.

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