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Executive Corner

Articles by Webhead co-founders, Janie Gonzalez (CEO), and Bill Gonzalez (CIO). Both are recognized thought leaders and speakers with 27 years of business experience in tech.

Janie Martinez Gonzalez
Jane is a Digital Engineer and Co-Founder CEO of Webhead, leading web-based technology solutions to achieve client business goals.
Bill Gonzalez
Bill is Webhead's Co-Founder and CIO, overseeing emerging technologies (AI, ML, and quantum computing), vendor relationships, policies, and procedures.
Pay Disparity in Technology…Yes or No?

Pay Disparity in Technology…Yes or No?

By Janie Martinez Gonzalez, Webhead CEO With 27 years as the business leader of Webhead, a top technology company which is headquartered in San Antonio and whose...

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Articles by Webhead experts in Agile program management, UX/UI, secure software engineering and integration, cybersecurity, data analytics, and more.